Breast Biopsy

Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy

Woman’s Clinic will soon be offering minimally invasive ultrasound guided breast biopsy procedure. Ultrasound guided biopsy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure performed to obtain tissue samples percutaneously. In most instances biopsy is performed for tumors in the breast identified on a clinical exam or found on a diagnostic mammogram. The results are available three to four business days after the procedure and will determine further management of the abnormality biopsied. Results are sent to your doctor.

What to Expect

The procedure is usually completed in less than an hour. The procedure, its potential complications and post biopsy instructions will be explained in detail and an informed consent is obtained prior to the procedure. Both the puncture site on the skin and the tissue around the tumor is anaesthetized prior to the biopsy. Sampling is performed under real time ultrasound guidance to optimize tissue sampling. A clip is deployed once satisfactory samples are obtained and a two-view mammogram is performed to document clip placement within the abnormality that is biopsied. Ultrasound guided biopsies are widely used and very safe alternative to surgical biopsy for abnormalities that are visible on a sonogram.

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