Diagnostic Mammography

Diagnostic Mammography

Woman’s Clinic, offers diagnostic mammography exam. A diagnostic mammogram is performed to further assess an abnormality detected on a screening mammogram, for a breast symptom or an abnormal clinical exam.

Diagnostic exam appointments are generally available within 1-2 business days. All diagnostic examinations are supervised by Dr Shetty or his associate and results are available in person in most instances to the patient after the exam and the results are e-faxed to the referring doctor or the Breast surgeon. For those requiring a biopsy or surgical consultation, Dr Shetty and his staff will as a courtesy assist in the process of setting up a biopsy or surgical/oncologic consultation. Our staff and doctors will be available to answer questions regarding post imaging follow up and will strive to be there for the patient throughout their care.

Breast Imaging Exams

What to Expect

Diagnostic mammography is a supervised imaging of the breast. Specialized views of the breast will be obtained to further assess a breast symptom, an abnormal mammogram or an abnormal clinical exam. An ultrasound of the breast is often performed in conjunction with a diagnostic mammogram. Dr. Shetty or his associate will spend time with the patient and discuss results following the exam. Dr. Shetty may recommend additional breast imaging exams or biopsy that may help reach a final diagnosis.

Diagnostic Mammography Indications:

  • Breast pain
  • Breast Lump
  • Nipple discharge
  • Skin or nipple changes
  • Abnormal mammogram

Find reassurance and expert care at the Woman’s Clinic. We understand the anxiety that is induced when a patient is recalled for an abnormal mammogram or has a breast symptom or an abnormal exam that requires a diagnostic mammogram or an ultrasound. We often are able to work in patients for a diagnostic mammogram and or ultrasound within one to two business days.

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