Gynecological Imaging

Gynecological Imaging-Pelvic Ultrasound

Woman’s Clinic offers gynecological ultrasound exams for patients. Gynecological imaging can accurately diagnose pelvic abnormalities. A gynecological ultrasound exam is a nonradiological and a safe diagnostic imaging tool. The exam produces real-time images that show pelvic organs and abnormalities. Woman’s Clinic utilizes state of the art Samsung HS70A ultrasound system newly acquired in 2017.

Gynecological Ultrasound

The gynecological ultrasound, commonly known as a pelvic ultrasound, is performed to evaluate pelvic symptoms. This state-of-the-art exam provides detailed images of the uterus, ovaries and other pelvic structures using high-frequency sound waves. There is no radiation used in this exam. Pelvic ultrasound exam can help clinicians and patients make educated decisions on management of symptoms. Dr. Shetty specializes in Gynecological ultrasound and women benefit from his 22 years of practice experience focused on Breast and OBGYN imaging.

Gynecological Ultrasounds can help diagnose possible causes for or abnormalities such as:

  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Fibroids
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Pelvic masses
  • Pelvic Infections

Why Choose Woman’s Clinic for Breast and Gynecological Imaging?

Dr. Shetty and his friendly staff strive to provide a boutique experience at Woman’s Clinic in Houston. Dr. Shetty believes in a continuum of care with efficient and timely communication of findings and discussion on further management with the referring doctors. Dr. Shetty is dedicated to helping patients understand findings of their examination as needed. All major insurances are accepted and rates negotiated with private payors are very closely aligned with Medicare allowable fees.

If you need Pelvic or Gynecological ultrasound, contact Woman’s Clinic today for more information and schedule your appointment today.832 804 8119